2021 Most Popular 25 Asian hairstyles for women with all hair lengths

Beautiful Asian Haircuts for Women

Check out 21 of the most popular Asian female hairstyles that will look amazing on you and make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

1. Wispy Ends + Thick Bangs

Wispy ends look super casual and playful for medium length hair. They bring about a carefree look and suit really well on women with a heart-shaped face. 

Thicker bangs in the front add more texture to Asian women’s hairstyle and give it a fuller effect. There is something about this look that portrays a wild and free feeling.

2. Layered Bob Haircut

Layered Asian bobs are perfect for all types of occasions. And, the best part is that they never go out of style. The layers shaped along the face structure give the face a more defined look and make the cheekbones stand out prettily. Keep the first layer above the ear level to give a little volume to the style.


3. Asian Pixie Cut with Bangs

If you wish to keep your hair short and are looking for pretty haircuts for Asian women, this style has to be in your shortlist! A pixie cut is certainly the cutest style to opt for when you like to keep it short and pretty.

The deep side part makes the hair look fluffier and shinier. With the bangs, you will be able to cover your forehead too.

Waves are a perfect pick if your hair is light and fine. Waves add a little more dimension and volume to the hair, making it appear fluffy and thick.

Part the bangs towards the side slightly to give it a little unique texture. And, the bold red ombre on black hair makes the style quirkier and sassy.

5. Mid Parted Bob

Bob haircuts are extremely classy and sophisticated. Opt for a layered blonde bob. But, keep the hair length short for the layers to be more prominent and give a feather cut-like appeal.

With a mid-part, the look becomes even more elegant and professional. If you are in search of Asian hairstyles for women that can be carried in style with formal attire, this one is a good choice.

6. Messy Bob

There might be some Asian women who prefer their hairstyle to be messy and wild. This could be the look for you!

If you like your hair cropped short and messy, this frizzy bob cut is an excellent choice. Make a partition slightly away from the middle to make it asymmetrical.

Lobs are a simple variation for classic bob cuts if you have a hair length slightly longer than that of a usual bob. This lob cut with wavy ends is perfect for a date night or any casual affair where you need to look pretty but not over-do anything either.

8. Shaggy Bob + Front Fringes

Women’s short shag haircuts are a great choice if you wish to make your hair look untamed. Shag haircuts are becoming a popular choice among Asian women these days. Combine it with front fringes to make the hair appear thicker and voluminous.

9. Out-Turn Long Bob with Bangs

Lob cuts with out turns are perfect for you if you like it simple and casual. The delicate strands of hair that turn outwards along the shoulder level look soft, natural, and very pretty.

For adding more style to it, add soft fringes on the top that are not really dense but add a little more texture to the look.

10. Soft Waves with Highlights

Asian female hairstyles with highlights and waves are really likable. They look easy-going and natural. Most importantly, they look effortless.

So, if your choice is the kind of hairstyle that does not stand out much in the crowd, soft waves are a great choice. Golden/ caramel highlights make the style more elegant.

11. Classic Bob + See-through Bangs


There is nothing that can beat a classic bob cut! If you like it old school and sophisticated, opt for this short hairdo for Asian women. Light bangs for the front make it appear cuter and more attractive.

12. Medium Length Hair with Soft Bangs

Medium length hair works best if you are not over-enthusiastic about maintaining long hair and are not particularly looking for a short hairstyle either. Opting for a straight cut for this length with bangs for the top is a great idea.

13. Wavy Textured Asian Hair + Fringes

Wild and carefree looks are super pretty and sassy. What do you like about the haircut in the picture? It is sassy, bold, wild, and cute.

Fringes add the final touch to the look while the waves make it look voluminous and classy. This is one of the most youth-oriented Asian haircuts for women with long hair.

14. Pushed-Up Pixie Cut

If you are someone who likes to stay nature-oriented, color your hair in the hues of green. Next, opt for a really short, pushed-up hairstyle. You can accessorize yourself a little to make this look appear more enhanced.

Blunt lob cuts are one of the most popular trends when it comes to Asian women hairstyles. They are simple, elegant, and easy to carry. The best part is they suit women with any kind of face structure.

To make it look a little more unique and elegant, you could add highlights in a color that goes well with your skin tone.

Waves are the kind of hairstyle that will never go out of style. They are evergreen and can be styled for all types of occasions. To spice up the look a little more, add one or two layers around the ear line.

Do you like to showcase some extra feminism and feel all ‘pretty in pink’ kind of girl? If your answer is a yes, this fine pixie cut with the hair color of vibrant cotton candy is the best pick! It is cute, sexy, pretty, and elegant at the same time.

18. Simple Side Part with Out-Turns

This is one of the simplest Asian hairstyles for women in this list. Keep your hair short and sweet, falling till the mid part of your neck. Out-turn them to form a tidy and clean appearance.

A side part will make the look a little more formal and enhanced. Also, a middle part works just as elegantly if you are not very fond of side parts.

19. Pixie Bob

A very short bob haircut suits Asian women with a heart-shaped face structure. Cut your hair into a really short bob, with hair length coming only up till your eye level. A side part will make the look more voluminous and thick.

20. Wavy Bob

Wavy bob cuts are sporty, casual and classy. They can be carried off really well with formal as well as casual outfits. If you are someone who prefers Asian hairstyles for women that are not too much but still look different and a little unique, you should opt for this style.

Stand out in the crowd by braiding your hair all along. No, we are not talking about ordinary plaits here. Opt for multiple tight braids for your long hair. This way, you will keep them out of your face and still look super stylish.


Asian female hairstyles are known across the globe as simple and sweet hairstyles done on silky and soft hair with a fine texture. Pick the hairstyle that would go well with your personality and get your hair styled today!

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